I'm Sarah Elizabeth, a 22 year old daydream addict and a very artsy minded young woman indeed. I love all things olde and new, and especially when they collide together. I'm in love with photography, my canon rebel, Victorian things, writing, used books, the band anberlin, chocolate, owls, starbucks, BBC films, lightning storms, piano and snuggling up in an old comfy quilt.
Photography, for me, is all about illuminating a moment and creating art, whether it is a moment from the past that I capture or it is a present moment that is just begging to be encased in a capture, suspended in time for forever, for others to glimpse and to enjoy. I long to dive deeper into this beautiful vast world of art, that is photography, to inspire others with what my eyes see daily and to be inspired. I desire to learn all that I can glean from other photographers out there, so that I might become a well fashioned photographer some day. I hope you will enjoy seeing the world through my own eyes, the wide open eyes of a true neo victorian!

Would you like to know more about me? If so, you can find me at my personal blog: Daughter of the King.